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Why iTongue?

iTongue is born from the inherently human desire to grow personally by overcoming barriers, by learning from otherness, by welcoming diversity and by finding a feeling of identity with something very important: an all embracing Union that stands for tolerance, for equality and for global consciousness.   

Its 1st condition is foreign language competence.

But, whether you are a chief executive receiving phone calls round the globe, or you have a 7-day-low-wage-job, migration background and some noisy children in your living room, - how should you manage studying grammar books and meeting the linguistic challenges of modern work situations? 

Neurologist are announcing good news: just forget about grammar books!  - All you need is fun! 

You doubt it? There is a good reason for doubting this! Your parents, your teachers, your uncles and aunts, your friends and class mates etc. they all told you the same thing: learning is hard work! 

Generations have been swotting away and would continue to do so, if there had not been white coated people who started observing the circuits of the brain.  

What they are telling us, changes our lives: the “tried and true” military methods of “carrot and stick” may discipline a donkey and teach routine functions, but they inhibit the intrinsic human desire to excel, to go on, to never stop growing personally! 

Their salutary news is: biologically our brain wants to learn like the lung wants air and the tommy wants food. The brain can’t help learning. There is no more fun we can experience in life but by learning!

The more pleasure there is, the better learning works!

What do we have to do to get there? 

All we have to do is, starting the other way round: don’t start with books, start with experience! 

The more exiting the experience is, the better. 

And the closer to the reality of your own life, the more exciting it will be. 

Do you now understand why iTongue is needed? 

No! certainly not!

How will you? As iTongue is but experience, no one can describe it to you!

Dive into the ocean of languages and try out: here is a growing number of free samples.

     iTongues goals:

        - Make the world a better place
        - Disseminate salutary scientific novelties
        - Free top quality for everyone everywhere
        - Free languages for everyone everywhere

           No extra time !
           Go jogging, cooking, driving ...
           enjoying the music
           while languages  
           are growing
           in your brain

















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