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You are good at IT and you like exploring new creative options?
You are language teacher who wants to make learning fun?
You are good at music production and you would like to merge learning and enjoyment into a new piece of art?
You are business or a school who wishes to combine language learning efficiently with transferring crucial other information at the same time?
You are writer with a captivating style? 
You are translator and you would like to explore linguistic language decoding? 
You are speaker or actor or someone who likes to speak with empathy?
You are singer who would like to make the world a better place?
You are good at photodesign or film making and you think Leisure Language Learning is a great idea?


Well, why not joining for cooperative production of inherently new products?

iTongue is about interdisciplinary production of Leisure Language Learning material you never even dreamt of:

Learn without time!                         

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